The $YAKU token is packed with utility in the Yakuverse. For this reason, it is very important that we set up an enticing distribution method, liquidity backing and supply count that takes into ac- count the long term growth of the project. The total supply for $YAKU will be 500,000,000 and all $YAKU will be likely in circulation by the end of 2024. Capsule X NFT Customization

How To Accumulate

There will be 2 primary ways to acquire $YAKU within the Yakuverse:
  • Motorcycles: 2 $YAKU per day for every motorcycle. Tiers are based on official rarity (with normalize traits and statistical rarity toggled): Tier1 = ranks 1 to 300 => +50%, Tier2 = 301 to 1,750 => +20% Tier 1 also includes bikes with the Kosoku samarukyanon weapon and tier 2 also includes bikes with the Supercharger Engine.
  • Capsules:
    • Cyberpods: 6 $YAKU per day
    • Space Suites: 7.2 $YAKU per day
    • Penthouses: 9 $YAKU per day
    • Divine Mansion: 36 $YAKU per day
  • Yaku X: 4 $YAKU per day
  • Set Bonuses: For each set (1 bike, capsule and avatar) you hold, you will receive an additional 12 $YAKU per day in the form of a weekly airdrop. Divine Mansions count as TEN capsules towards your set accumulation for the purposes of the bonus airdrop.
In a two year timeline, this will mean: a maximum of 122,640,000 $YAKU, 24.53% of the entire supply, can be distributed via staking/air-drop should 7,000 unique individuals hold complete sets.
The Yakushima Championship racing game is still under development. Upon launch, 65% of the total token supply, 325,000,000 $YAKU, will be allocated to race-to-earn and other in-game experiential rewards systems.
The remaining ~10% will be used at the team's discretion, marketing and community engagement.

$YAKU Uses

The functions of the $YAKU token within the Yakuverse will include: purchasing upgrades to customize your motorcycles, avatars and capsules, premium Yakuverse experiences...
To assure the continued deflationary action of $YAKU, 10% of all tokens spent on items in the metaverse store will be stored in a cold wallet, unable to be used until the whole of the original supply is in circulation. Of the other 90%, 45% will go to the Yaku team should they be team created assets and another 45% will go to the DAO wallet. Should the items be created by partners, 20% will go to the DAO wallet and the other 70% split will be subject to negotiation between the team and the collaborative partner.

Yaku Store Pricing

  • Diamond = 1,000
  • $YAKU Gold = 500
  • $YAKU Silver = 100
  • $YAKU Copper = 10
This would mean, were you staking a basic complete set, it would take you 33 days to acquire enough $YAKU to purchase a Diamond level upgrade. To assure the solvency of the game for many years to come, we are looking for ways to further monetize the Yakuverse. We also want to avoid creating a pay to win scenario. So, we are following in the footsteps of other games before us like League of Legends and allowing for purchases using $SOL directly (without the need to buy a second in-game currency like Riot Points, however). This will come with a big caveat: $SOL will only be able to be used to purchase cosmetic upgrades for your metaverse assets and DAO approved premium experiences, as well as small portions of limited $YAKU drops. Both Yaku store pricing and mechanics will be subject to change based on Yakuverse economic fluctuations. As this is the core of the Yakuverse economy and its utility will only grow, we want to be sure to accommodate necessary changes that arise.