Social - Web3 communities

Thanks to the Yaku API, the game is fully integrated with every Web3 communities. Unlock your chat on Discord to a full immersive decentralized experience in the Yakuverse!

Social & blockchain information via the Yaku API

  • Blockchain information of players and projects
  • Social information of players and projects
  • Notifications

Social Interaction & Representation

We get official partnerships with a lot of communities with 3D avatars available. Then users with the related NFT can select avatars and accessories of their communities in game.
Accessories available
Hoodie - Anybodies Tay Keith
Hoodie - Degods
Shoes - Anybodies
Wings - Degods
You can not only represent your community, but interact with it, as well as with players you are not currently connected to from all over the world via:
  • Proximity chat and text chat
  • Organize events in your real estate

Towers and districts

To become the hub of all web3 social communities, we understand the importance of also providing infrastructure for these communities to congregate themselves. The map is composed of different districts which are based on Yaku and other communities' lore. In these districts, DAO's can buy towers to host their holders. These DAO towers have 4 key value propositions for both the Yaku community and these partner communities:
  1. 1.
    Marketing for the purchaser. A large façade with branding on the exterior of the building will get them some extensive reach.
  2. 2.
    Community spaces. Areas of the towers can be token gated for holders only. Within Solana Monke Business tower there is a club with a DJ booth.
  3. 3.
    Capsule X and Yaku X supply squeezes. To live within any partner tower, you will need a Capsule X and an avatar (a Yaku X or a partner avatar).
Towers available
Monke DAO - 900m / Top lounge floor
LFG Whale - 900m / Top lounge floor / Bottom public lobby
Stoned APE Crew - 700m / Top lounge floor