Business Opportunities

Traditional businesses, and web3 businesses, both have the opportunity to get plugged into the Yaku ecosystem in a myriad of ways.
🏨 Yakuverse Experiences
Storefronts and experiences are a great way to connect to your existing customers and expand the footprint of your brand to reach new potential customers. With the assistance of our team we can:
  • Design for you or consult your own internal design teams on physical spaces that are interoperable between metaverse experiences.
  • Integrate online payment systems within a stroefront for your own merch, NFT's and more.
  • Facilitate branded events around your space.
🧥 IRL & Digital Fashion
Your fans can now not only represent your brand in the streets of the real world, but also in the streets of the Yakuverse. Create high-end fashion that can be worn by Yaku X avatars (or your own collection) in digital worlds as well matching real-world counterparts.
🦉 Collection Launch Advisement
Thinking of launching your own collection and unsure how to tap into the world of web3? It can be a difficult new landscape to navigate, but we are here to make the process easy for you. We can assist with:
  • Asset design
  • Metaverse integrations in Yaku, The Sandbox and more
  • Launch partners
  • Community management
  • Marketing
Your go-to-market strategy is important, and doubly so in a space that values authenticity and transparency above all else.
🎨 Custom Packages
Unsure of what you need? We want to find long term partners that are looking to continue to grow well beyond the early development stages with us. Let's connect and understand your business goals, what we are building and how we can align the two for mutual success for years to come.
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For now, the Yaku Motors store will be a showcase for our premier metaverse motorcycles as an example of a virtual storefront. But, a showcase is only the beginning. Imagine real-time secondary listings being displayed in full 3D in the showroom, and even the ability to take them for a test drive before buying, all in-game? Now extrapolate that to other digital assets and collectibles. Avatar showrooms, apparel in 1:1 real-world dimensions, trying new asset accessories like skins and weapons, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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