Blockchain based

We're integrated with Solana and Ethereum to provide a decentralized game and economy. Thanks to our API, we get live data on everything to provide the best multiplayer experiences.
The Yakuverse uses a smart architecture to interact with blockchains. As we're a social game integrated with a lot of communities, we need to allow everyone to use every asset/NFT they own.

Access your assets: connect to your browser/hardware main wallets

Goal: Avoid unstaking and sending all your assets to an in-game wallet.
We developed a code to connect Unreal Engine with every browser/hardware wallet to allow the game to connect with Solana and Ethereum user data. To prove the ownership of your daily wallets, you can connect only one time to them, whenever you want.
Then you will have access to all of the assets available in your wallet.

Interact with blockchains: creation of an in game wallet

Goal: Avoid connecting to your browser each time you have to interact with blockchains for a smoother experienc.
When the game starts, you'll create a wallet in-game which will be used only for the regular in-game transactions.
This wallet will be fundable/manageable via the browser connection or via the Yaku App.

Access all Blockchains data

Thanks to our data collection, we'll deliver everything related to our users via the Yaku API.