Assets - Digital Ownership

All assets are backed by NFTs to provide a full ownership and a way for players to generate their own content in a decentralized game and economy.

Digital Ownership backed by NFTs

All our in-game assets are backed by NFTs. This allows users to easily trade digital assets on the Yaku Marketplace and aggregator (75% of gamers are willing to trade in-game assets)

Avatar & accessories selection

You'll select your avatar based on NFT owned in your wallet. We have partnerships with the best communities on Solana and Ethereum. Each race provide you different utilities and capacities in game.
You can also see our connected partner avatars, a list growing regularly, here.

Yaku assets

We have currently 3 collections that all have varying utility within the greater Yaku ecosystem. This contains information on all of the collections individually, and below outlines how they work together.
🤖 Yaku X
  • Supply - 7,000
  • Official rarity -
  • Utility - Yaku X are the face of the Yaku brand and community. These pfp’s are useable as avatars on the open map of the Yakuverse, as the driver behind the Yaku Engineering ONI-S01’s in the Yakushima championship. These avatars also give access to the Yaku DAO within the Yakuverse. Each Yaku X also generates 4 $YAKU per day via staking.

Cosmic Astronauts : Project acquired and merged

  • Merger date - July 3, 2022
  • Supply - 1,754
  • Background - The Cosmic Astronaut team merged with the Yaku team to more quickly develop a tool previously known as Minx Labs, now commonly known as the Yaku App. As part of this merger, the following changes took place:
  • $COSMIC swap to $YAKU - Astronauts earned exactly 4x the daily token yield as Yaku X in their old contract. On August 31, 2022 a conversion app was launched allowed owners of $COSMIC to swap for $YAKU in a 4:1 ratio.
  • Astronauts were merged in the Yaku X collection, giving them the same utility as Yaku X but with unique astronaut themed attributes.
🏍 Yaku Engineering
🏠 Capsule X
  • Supply - 7,000 -> 6,489
  • Official rarity:
    • Cyberpods - 4,526 (69.75%)
    • Space Suites - 1,467 (22.6%)
    • Galactic Penthouse - 296 (4.56%)
    • Divine Mansion - 200 (3.08%)
  • Utility :
    • Cyberpods:
      • 5 invites into pod at one time
      • 6 daily $YAKU staking yield
    • Space Suites:
      • 8 invites into suite at one time
      • 7.2 daily $YAKU staking yield
    • Galactic Penthouse:
      • 10 invites into the penthouse
      • Exclusive Members Only Penthouse Club in Yaku Tower
      • 9 daily $YAKU staking yield
    • Divine Mansion:
      • Acquired via a one-time burn of $YAKU and other Capsule X
      • Display 4 of your motors in the garage at a single time
      • Invite 20 friends to party (pod = 1, suite = 5, penthouse = 10)
      • 36 daily $YAKU staking yield and counts as 10 capsules in collection of set staking bonus
How the collections connect
  • Bikes - Require some form of Avatar to race. Either one of our own Yaku X avatars, or another integrated collection. You can also access the open map and use your bike as transportation to get around.
  • Avatars - Your Yaku X files will be available to you to use in other VR/AR/metaverse settings. With a bike you can race with your avatar.
  • Capsules - With just your capsule you can enjoy the space in a first person view, display your NFT's ect. With the addition of an avatar you can experience your capsule in 3rd person, access the open Yakuverse and invite friends over.